CEO and Co-founder of Synchronicity Beauty & Wellness

Hi lovelies. My name is Taryne, and I am the part owner and operator of this fantastic business. I have spent most of my young adult and adult years obsessed about everything beauty. I started at 10 years old buying and putting makeup on while on the school bus to school. While I didn’t have much talent back then it launched me into something that I would be passionate about decades later.

Fast forward a few years to when my extension obsession started. I was 15 years old and needed to have hot fusion hair extensions, to my mother’s dismay. She made me work for that first set, and I have been obsessed ever since. I have spent the last decade doing all things hair extensions, and was able to get really good doing it on myself, and for friends.

I am now a certified hair extensionist, eyelash extensionist, makeup artist and permanent makeup technician. I have an amazing passion for creating the perfect look in all fields, and consider myself the luckiest person in the world to be doing all the things I am so passionate about.

I will continue to learn and broaden my knowledge base, to ensure that I am always offering the best services for the best clients.

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